plural noun: headwaters

a tributary stream of a river close to or forming part of its source.

Source, birthplace, origin, starting point, ground zero.....
these are the most important words in our vocabulary and are at the core of the philosophy at Headwaters.

For us Headwaters means....

a source of life, a place in life, a place in time, most favorite place, best place to cook, best way of cooking.  

a source of emotion, obsession, courage, inspiration, vision, discussion, our comfort zone.

From a farm, farm stand, farmers's market, our garden, our neighbors garden, our home, our back yard......the fire escape....

a beginning....every day....and when we question where to start.....we start at the beginning......Headwaters....The Source..


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pFriem Family Brewers Dinner with Headwaters Chef/Owner Vitaly Paley
& Executive Chef Tim Eckard

Headwaters presents an exciting multi-course dinner inspired by Belgian style beers from pFriem Family Brewers. Food pairings by Chef/Owner Vitaly Paley and Executive Chef Tim Eckard.  

The dinner will be hosted on Sunday, June 18th in Headwaters' Private Dining rooms on the Mezzanine level of the historic Heathman Hotel. Doors open at 5:30 pm for noshes and drink to start. 

The dinner is $85 per person inclusive of beer, food & service charge. Menu coming soon!!

To purchase your tickets, click on the image above or go to Eventbrite.com.

Please email questions or comments to shelly@paleyeventspdx.com. We look forward to seeing you at the dinner!

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